Upscale is taking interior design online.


We want to bring interior design into the 21st century, to transform the market by giving customers the best service at the right price, using the newest technologies. Upscale strives to connect an online portfolio of interior designers to clients who want to transform their living spaces and improve their lives.


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Fixed Fees

Never worry about spiralling decorating costs again.

User Friendly

Interact online and in real-time with your developing designs.

More Choice

Work with a designer matched to your style and needs.


Meet Upscale's Founder, Carina Kuemmeke

At Upscale we believe everyone deserves to live in a beautifully designed space. We are democratising design for all.

Carina Kümmeke, Founder & Head of Interiors


Meet the Upscale Team

Carina Kuemmeke
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 09.37.13.png

Carina Kümmeke 
CEO & Head of Interiors

Sandra Kowalska
Designer / Project Assistant

 Noëlle Simon
Interior Designer

Nadja Kappeli.jpg
Olavo Leite.jpg

Nadja Käppeli
Marketing Intern

Olavo Leite
Business Development Manager

Dragana Nikolic
Marketing & Sales

Inga HInz.jpg
Claudia Zenk.jpg
Alexia van Moorsel.jpg

Inga Hintz 
Interior Designer

Claudia Zenk 
Business Development

Alexia van Moorsel
Interior Design Intern

Olivia Ionescu
Zarah pic.jpg

Olivia Ionescu 
Head of Upscale Escapes

Zarah Estermann
Business Development & Social Media Associate


Join us, we're hiring top talent!

We foster emerging international talent. Join our community of leading designers now and get access to a wide range of exciting projects. Click on the link below to find out more about the benefits of working with Upscale.

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