Great Interior Designs on Winter Getaways

Winter getaways are very popular around Christmas, but also during January and February each year. According to Travel & Leisure, people choose either ski slopes for amazing winter feeling or want to escape to more warm-weather destinations and explore new beaches. Either way, February is an excellent choice for a getaway from home & work routine. Choosing a vacation during Christmas will cost more, since this is holiday's peak season. That's why many will opt-in for later months.

Planning winter escape vacation doesn't only require good destination, cheaper flights and accommodation. It's also very important to feel comfortable at the venue, especially if vacation is far from home. Disruption in travel industry made it possible to choose between private apartments, AirBnB rental options or home-exchange solutions. Hotels are still in focus, but private facilities make affordable vacations available for everyone. Moreover, mobility is one of the key principles of the European Union when it comes to Youth rights. It is also very important to make travel & accommodation accessible to students or young people searching for a place to get some time off, since in this period of life people travel a lot. On the other hand, busy business people search for calm and spacy rooms, where they can feel free - both physically and mentally. So, it's not only about places that are beautiful or affordable. The entire interior atmosphere needs to be in accordance with destination, weather and inner feelings of the guests / visitors.

There are many amazing winter tours or ski resorts to choose for winter getaways. But, many people will decide to go and get some Sun before they gaze into reality again. Each year, there are more and more destinations to choose from. Some of them, such as Cuba, have been very popular for years. This country is exotic, different and cheap, which makes it attractive enough. There are many others on the list, including Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Dubai, Morocco or Cambodia. These are some of the top picks. There is something (besides the good weather) that is common to all these places - great interior designs. It's very hard to choose between beautiful hotels, beach houses, rentals and even restaurants. They all look amazing. Interiors are made in accordance with tradition, culture and current trends in interior design. There are many modern interior designs, especially in developed countries. On the other hand, islands kept traditional design mixed with contemporary look & feel.

Looking for beautiful destinations and great interior designs, we chose three trending vacation destinations to look into:


Why is Thailand a good choice for February getaway? Because it's not so crowded as during Christmas season, while the weather remains excellent. Temperatures go up to 32 - 33 degrees (Celsius), so it's really an excellent warm-up for the upcoming spring rush when back home or at office. Some of Thai's most popular islands decrease their room or rental rates during February, making it even more accessible for a relaxed vacation. Moreover, Thailand is a very popular destination among Western European countries.

Since moisture represents a big problem to tourists, interior design needs to incorporate air-condition as one of the most important interior ingredients. Moreover, Thai interior design is seen as a mixture of traditional wisdom and modern design. Comfort is a priority, together with wooden elements in bedrooms, bathrooms and dining area.

Thai interior design


Another popular destination in the South-East is Indonesia. It is the world's largest island country, with more than 13,000 islands. Currently, one of the most popular Indonesian islands is Bali and a very popular town of Ubud. It's known as Bali's traditional and cultural heart. Staying in Ubud is very affordable, and the town is known for its great hospitality. Temperature in February is excellent, since it doesn't exceed 30 degrees (Celsius).

With modern approach in interior design, hotels and houses in Ubud represent the mixture of traditional and contemporary. Since there are a lot of tourists visiting, accommodation is adjusted to the need of every modern tourist; vacation rentals are also very attractive for families. Wooden tones and vivid colours are all around, making the space fresh and attractive all the time.

Indonesia ubud interior design


Not only for Americans, Miami has become a very popular destination for European tourists, too. It’s modern, warm enough and pretty urban. Miami is also known for great nightlife, especially in upscale South Beach. Florida has hundreds of kilometers of beautiful beaches, making it even more attractive for visiting and staying. Temperature in February is mild, enough for a perfect winter getaway.

Miami is recognizable for luxurious hospitality interior design. Space is not a boundary for amazing design moves, so everything is possible. Bright colours, professional and elegant taste with timeless and luxury furniture can often be seen in Miami’s interior design projects. Ocean view in most hotels and buildings will definitely cheer up winter mood.  

Miami luxury interior design

Do you have any suggestion for another great escape interior design example? We are happy to hear from you!