3 Feng Shui Colour Principles for Interior Decoration

Believe it or not, interior design has a strong influence on people, their mood and life in general. Therefore, the purpose or interior design is to give energy, inspire, help to boost creativity, help to relax and get rid of work-related stress, bad weather, conflicts or uncertainty.

There is a psychological term explaining the emotions we have when we enter somebody's home. It's called "feeling tone" (also emotional tone or affectivity). This tone can be positive or negative, according to emotions its owners brought in. If we feel comfortable, we would like to stay more. If not, we would not like to come back again.

Besides the energy we shine from the inside, our space needs to send the same message. Feng Shui is a Chinese system that seeks to harmonize individuals to their surrounding environment. This system used astronomy as its main tool to establish connection between humans and the universe and explain the harmony between them. Feng Shui principle is very old (3,500+ years), which suggests that even at that times people were aware of the importance of what's called "interior design" today.

Yin and Yang, worldwide famous symbols, represent one of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui. We all have this duality in ourselves and our well-being is achieved when we harmonize our both natures (positive and negative).
Another Feng Shui principle is the Five Elements theory - fire, water, metal, earth and wood. These elements need to be in balance in order to promote good health and fortune to home owners. Interior design, therefore, includes our inner balance (Yin and Yang), but also the balance of the Five Elements to make harmony.

In Chinese calendar, 2018 is year of the Earth Dog. Therefore, this year symbolizes Earth as the main element in Yang polarity. In interior design, Feng Shui principles apply also to colours. So, the main colours of this year are those representing Earth (yellow, ochre, brown). Since dog as Chinese zodiac sign has its secondary energy form, it also carries Fire (red) and Metal (white) elements in Yang polarity. Lucky colour for those born in the year of the dog is green. Green symbolizes wood, and it can be combined with metal (white).

Creative director at Alexander James Interiors, Stacey Sibley, says: "There are plenty of ways to achieve positive energy in your home using colour". So, let's mix and match colours by feng shui principles in the Year 2018. Since one of the lucky numbers for dog sign is 3, we will use it to present 3 colour combinations that will help in happy & wealthy year ahead:

1. Wood and Metal + Water

Priority for 2018 are wood and metal related colours. If you use green (wood) and white (metal), then you should know that metal cuts wood. Because of that, you should introduce a water element to make it harmonic - by adding blue or black.


2. Fire and Metal + Earth Tones

This colour combination is good to harmonize the energy flow in your interior design. So, combine red (energetic) and white. However, always remember to add a tone of Earth to this combination, by using yellow, ochre or brown.

Feng Shui interior design

3. Wood and Water + Fire or Metal

If you want to earn more money or make your business more successful in 2018, then you should consider matching green (wood), black and blue (water) with points of red (fire) or white (metal). This combination also allows adding metallic tones such as gold or silver.

Feng Shui interior design

Before you start thinking which colours to match in your interior design (home or office), you need to define the bagua (Feng Shui energy map of your space). There are two types of Feng Shui bagua - Classical bagua and BTB/Western Bagua. We will use Western Bagua example to help you setting a perfect interior design.

Western Bagua map is very easy to apply; you only need a floorplan of your home or office. It consists of 9 different areas, where the basic bagua grid represents your front door.

Step 1: Get your home or office floor plan
Step 2: Create a grid with nine squares or rectangles and put it over the floorplan
Step 3: Assign each square to the following areas (bottom is front door):

  • Bottom row: Knowledge, Career, Friends & Travel
  • Middle row: Family & Health, Hearth of Home, Children & Creativity
  • Upper row: Money, Reputation, Relationships
Feng Shui floorplan

Once you define your areas, start applying Feng Shui principles and colours to your home or office interior. Or, simply schedule a meeting with UPSCALE, so we can do that for you in no time!