For Couples - How to Bring a Happy Compromise to Your Home Interior Design

Moving in together for the first time, or just redecorating your sweet home can usually be far away from a fairytale. Despite all the things couples love to do together or common likes that connected one to another at the first place, there are certain differences when it comes to personal style and taste. There is a famous Latin maxim “De gustibus non est disputandum”, which means “There can be no disputes in matters of tastes”.

Therefore, none of the partners has absolute credits to decide upon the style of their home interior. So, there must be some type of compromise between the two.

What it means to live together?

It means that both partners should feel like it’s their own home. In other words, they should both feel equally comfortable with their home’s interior design. It largely determines the atmosphere in the house and, at the same time, reflects home owners’ characters. Living together could also mean: “I am moving in to your place” or “You move in to my place”. That’s ok if you have apartment big enough to satisfy the needs of both partners, plus letting it be redesigned or refurbished. However, choosing a different place in the city quart both partners like is maybe the best solution. With this solution comes the freedom of bringing in a personal piece of furniture, accessory or sweet little memories.

What makes a good relationship even better is a separate room. Even if partners like to be together all the time, it happens sometimes that somebody needs 5-minutes of isolation, regardless of the reason. In fact, we all need some free time during the day for ourselves.

After choosing the place to move in and decide upon how big it should be, let’s face another reality – trying to make a compromise for interior decoration. Since we all have our own taste, it often happens that couples have non-intersecting ideas how their home should look like.

How to make your home beautiful for both?

First of all, couples need to talk to each other and be totally honest about what they like and don’t like. There would be disputes for sure, but doesn’t that make a real relationship after all? Most common arguments are about colors, furniture style, accessories and memories that we brought in and, of course, their position in the new home. Somebody likes it symmetric, others don’t. Heavy furniture or minimalism? What about refurbished pieces of high-quality wood? There are so many ideas and wishes, making it almost impossible to decide.

But, let’s bring some ground ideas that will, surely, help in making the best compromise when it comes to interior design:

Bright Space

Having a bright space is not only about compromise, but it visually makes a home bigger and clean. It leaves room for other experiments, such as colored furniture, shelves or pictures on the wall. Beware of color experiments and stick to consistent color palette or complementary colors. Black & white could also work. Let the Sun shines into the space – more brighter the space, more Sun will come in.

Bright space interior design

Keep it Simple

We are witnessing past times when furniture was robust, covering almost every part of the room. Huge rugs, long curtains and closed shelves were once very popular in interior design industry. But, now we mind the freedom of having a space that breathes and shines. This space is simple. For couples, simple space includes a cozy bedroom with a few details only and a bright kitchen both will like. Living room is a shared space – so, keep it simple and comfortable. 

Corner Full of Memories

“This is a gift from my mom…”, or “We bought this souvenir on our first holiday…” are the most precious things couples will certainly take with themselves when moving in together. To make it clear and transparent (we really don’t need to hide our precious memories), couples should choose one corner and make a collage of these memories. A great example are high & open bookshelves. Also, a wall near the bookshelf can be used for souvenirs and things couple brought with themselves.

Souvenirs on shelves interior design

Wall of Frames

Cute pictures from us being 4-years old, or one with a medal from a competition we won is surely worthwhile to be shown on a wall. Both partners have their favorite pictures from their childhood, plus a lot of them made together. So, why not to use one wall and cover it with frames of different sizes and positions? It will always remember us of good times and make a familiar atmosphere at home.

Whom to speak with for help in deciding upon interior design?

Finding what both partners really like is sometimes hard to explain with words. We at UPSCALE help couples find out more details about their personal style by letting them do a style check and discover all similarities and differences in taste. Comparing two results makes the compromise easier. 
The rest is about details :) 

At UPSCALE we listen, we cooperate, and we design what couples love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!