5 Tips How To Prepare Your Home For Christmas


We’ve been waiting to finally start counting down until Christmas… and now we finally can! Only three weeks left until we can wrap up our Christmas Gifts, eat a lot of goodies and just spend quality time with our friends and families. Nevertheless, the preparation for those events can be a lot to tackle all at once. Are you already thinking about hosting the party of the year at your place or might just feel open for a cozy family or friend’s dinner for Christmas? If you haven’t thought about it yet we have 5 helpful interior design tips, which help to prepare your home for your special festivities. By the time the big day arrives, much of your work will already be done and you can focus on your beloved ones.


An eye catching entrance; inside and out.

As soon as your guests arrive on the cold and snowy Christmas day, they for sure appreciate a warm welcoming. So make sure that safety is given from the parking lot until your door, so there will be no bad surprises while walking on the slippery way to the house. To provide this safety porch lights or a slip proof doormat can help. With fun patterns or a cute decoration, you can put a smile on your guests lips even before they see you. When entering the door, a beautiful wreath, which you can decorate with flowers, glitter balls or bows, would be a great way to welcome your guests into your house. Indoors, an extra-large rug will feel more generous and it can handle big groups who arrive (and stamp feet) at once. A place to perch on, a few plump cushions and a mirror are gracious touches to consider adding.

1 eye catching entrance.jpg
2 eye catching entrance.jpg

Invest in decor that will last

One of the first things that pop into our mind when decorating the house is the use of beautiful flower bouquets. But why not avoiding running out last minute on flowers or even seeing our beautiful bouquet already withering? There are many other options to bring a little splash of colour into your home. For once, you can try to use other festive accessories such as seasonal or long-lasting décor items like bowls of nuts in shells, candles on a silver tray or étagères with some sweet candy in it (which the kids will love). They all look chic and festive, but they're not holiday-specific and can be replaced easily. So you can leave them out for months and exchange the content for a next festive event!


Elegant and Festive Dining Table Settings

We're willing to bet that some of our favorite holiday memories happened at the dinner table. That is why we have some tips to set a memorable Christmas table this season. From stunning Christmas centerpieces to place settings, the tablescapes are also a way to sparkle—and spark some special moments. But to glam up your table the use of different layers, such as stacking plates in different sizes or placing beautiful silverware next to crystal glasses and textile napkins contribute to a rich and festive look but still keep a certain order thanks to a tidy placement of the items. Simple and versatile dinnerware, flatware and glassware can be chosen with a runner, placemats and linen napkins, which you can choose in subtle metallic accents.

5 elegant festive dining table.jpg
6 elegant festive dining table.jpg

Present Food in an Aesthetically Pleasing Way

Of course the main purpose of a dinner table is the food itself. So your guests should not only be surprised by a beautiful setting of the table but also with an aesthetically presence of the food. This can be achieved by using either colourful or plain white bowls or plates with some golden accents in beautiful materials such as ceramic to invite people into the magic of the holidays. You can also use small Christmas trees or glass ornaments, glittery white reindeer or candy sticks to decorate your platter individually. Let your flow of inspiration totally free; we are sure your guests will love it!

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Pay Attention to High-Traffic Areas like the Bathroom

Not only your dining and living room will be busy and full of people during your Christmas festivities, your bathroom probably will have some visitors as well from time to time. That is why you can turn your bathroom into a beautiful little area, where your guests can calm down for a little while. Small, bright flower arrangements can be placed on the toilet tank or wash sink. You can definitely score with some special handmade soap or hand cream. Use a tiny tray, clear glass containers or just a small wood stool or table to display them. A simple scented candle is a nice addition to make your guest feel comfortable. 

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