How do you like your office?

How do you like your work?

Great, good or well…. Not so great

If you answered “Great”, why is that?

If you answered “good” or “not good” then please think a moment of reason why.

Our team had recently been talking about an office revamp. Honestly speaking, our office is already super nice and stylish, we are lucky!

Unfortunately, not everyone is as fortunate as us. Research has shown that employee performance is tied to the work environment. This means that the traditional cubicle isn’t always the best way for people to work.

Some of us have had their fair share of cubicle experience. Some of us might have never had it. And others might have had a completely different work environment. If you aren’t employed by Google or any other crazy fun software company that tries to boost your creativity, your working space might be a little boring.

What to do if you are currently working in a cubicle? I remember what I did – I made it pretty!

I brought with me cool photography and cut out articles, postal cards and pinned them on a cork board. I added color and brightness wherever possible, and it worked! I was very happy with my cubicle and had a great work experience. But I know, that not everyone is as creative when it comes to their desk space. Of course, there is always the possibility that you can’t be as creative because you work in an open desk environment where you don’t have any private space.

If you are an employer and reading this, please add some bright areas to your offices! You may think that people will lose their focus because they will look out the window or spend too much time doing either, other than working. This is not the case! Employees will be likelier to spend more time in the office and come up with new ideas.

The human brain needs change; we get used to a routine way too rapidly. This will decline our performance! Being on our toes and exposed to different scenarios every day will only improve our engagement. Add some common areas with comfortable and beautiful furniture. Interacting with others is very important for humans and usually common places are where innovation happens.

Make sure you add some plants to your offices. People love plants! Maybe not everyone would want to water it but it makes the air quality better! This will lead to more oxygen being distributed in our brains and boosting our performance once more.

Have art! It doesn’t need to be expensive but pieces that will stimulate anyone’s eyes. Art can also act as an ice-breaker when you enter an important meeting and create a sense of team in general; some will love it or hate, but they will be talking about it and feel invested in it.  

In any case, there has been a clear shift in the office world. Be it the way newer, innovative companies are operating, hierarchies becoming flatter and bosses working in the same room as their employees.

If you feel like your office needs so styling, or you need to furnish your office in general, feel free to contact us. One of our interior design specialist will always make time for you! After all, you want to make sure your employees/co-workers feel good at their working space!

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