1970's Are Back in Interior Design Style

What do you think about the 1970’s trends?

Maybe some of you have noticed it already - or not - but the Upscale designer team would like to talk about the comeback of a trend that we have assumed to be long gone – The 1970’s!

Do you remember the mustard colors on curtains and couches, plywood kitchen counters and the very unfortunate looking paper walls? Typical characteristics of the 1970’s.

Interestingly, exactly these stereotypes have come back in style!

Upscale is always staying up to date with the latest trends and in the past couple of weeks’ we have found more and more evidence that the 70’s are back… almost 50 years later!

We aren’t the first in line to throw ourselves into this new change in the interior design world, however our Zurich interior designers have concluded that there are some interesting areas where you can definitely make something off.

Rule #1: Don’t mix everything together

Make sure you pick your favorite theme/style from the 1970’s and incorporate into your home.

Rule #2: Make sure you pick the right colors

Think about it; not everything will look fantastic in your home. Make sure you decide to go with something that either has the textile characteristics, shape or color of the 70’s. If you are lucky enough to find a piece of furniture or even art that matches your home, you are lucky.

Rule #3: Twist it

You might not find the perfect 1970‘s style interior even if you enthusiastically looking for it. What our stylists would recommend you, is to find something that will pop up your home in any cool way. Do some research in some interior design stores. For instance, we all know that mustard and brown colors were very popular in those years, why don’t you look for a piece of furniture or decoration that has the proper style but a different color? Something in blue or red maybe. This will help you enlarge the pool of potential furniture pieces.

Rule#4: Details, Details, Details

One last thing our design team emphasizes on is the actual apartment decoration. You can place cool things such as fun seventies style sunglasses on shelf or have wall stickers with typical 70’s pattern. Basically, have fun and add some accessories in your home. It can be a little statue or soap holder in the bathroom, fun looking boots in your closet or framed pictures on your wall.

The Upscale Interior Design Team wishes you a Happy Styling!

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