Outdoor Inspiration

Do you have a patio, terrace or loggia in your house/apartment? Or even a balcony?

As we are getting closer to the summer, it is about time to think about how to vamp up your outdoor space. After all, enjoying a beautiful summer evening on your own outdoor space can be amazing.

Here in our Magazine, the Upscale interior design team that is based in Zurich, we will feature a few tips and tricks that will help you vamp up your patio. If you have been looking for some outdoor furniture inspiration - then you have come to the right place. 

By the way, you don't need to be from Zurich, Switzerland like our interior design team. All of these interior/exterior decoration tips can be applied anywhere in the world.

Make sure to have either a wooden or a green (fake grass/green outdoor carpet) on the floor. This will give a nice fresh touch to the space. You can buy these carpets or wooden panels almost anywhere and they come in different styles/qualities. You will have to decide what you would want to get, also according to your budget.

If you have a smaller balcony, I would suggest getting wooden panels that you can clip over the cement/stone of your balcony (unless you have a beautiful existing floor stone). Get some furniture that gives a lounge feeling, but not too big. Two lounge chairs should be enough with a cool table. Make sure to get a nice outdoor plant. Almost any bigger sort of plant would do. Bamboo always looks nice but there are many more options for that. You can add some colors with flowers but these will require more maintenance.

If you have a larger space that you can transform into a lounge I would recommend that you get two lounge chairs, one sofa (whatever size suits you) and a nice cocktail table. This is the moment you can start playing around with materials.

Lucky for us, nowadays there are plenty of cool fabrics that are all weather proof - even if they don’t look like so!

Some color and material combinations that can look very nice together are; White cushions for your furniture and light grey/brown rattan can look great together. You can even play with the cushions of the furniture because you can always switch them out by simply changing out covers. Our interior designers suggest that you shouldn't be shy to try colors that pop such as turquoise and coral. Depending on the color and material of the furniture you would pick, these could look fantastic. You can also do an all grey and black combination or almost white sandy combos.

(One of our head designers, who is also based in Spain, suggests to use strong colors. A nice mix would be white and coral... she suggests that adding contrast will make the space look much cooler).

Don’t be afraid to try out new things. If you don’t like it just switch back the colors to something more neutral.

For a little extra ambiance in your outdoor area you can add some small lights all over the garden or big candles that are in glass or metallic containers.  Aren’t you already excited for summer to come?

If you have any questions regarding this article, or need some interior design advice, feel free to send us an email to info@upscale.ch

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