Lamps Anyone?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their home furnishings, but I am someone who loves walking into stores and looking at the various lamps they have. Thankfully, it seems that I am not the only one enjoying this shop and walk; Apparently so does my team and everyone else working around Upscale. 

Lamps can be simple, almost invisible, or they can be the center piece of a room. Whatever your style may be, in our gallery you can find all types of lamps; floor lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps etc.

If you have a home with high ceilings it would surely be nice to have a chandelier. A lot of you must be thinking of the classic chandelier lamps from the 19th century, but in the world of lamps a lot has been happening.

A lot famous styles have been revamped into something that is a mix of old and new. Designers add frames or an interesting mix of materials to give their pieces a unique look that upscales your living space.

Personally, I love lamps where I can set the lighting into various ambiances. The dimming factor is very important because whether you are home relaxing, watching a movie or entertaining guests, having the option to set the right mood is a big plus.

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