Maryam Pousti and the CHEFT Bookshelf

Upscale Interiors has come across the amazing designs done by Maryam Pousti, an interior designer born in Tehran who has come up with unique furnishing designs showcased in her studio and at various fairs.

As you see in the pictures, her works are very unusual. The shapes are unexpected and the visuals keep everyone’s eyes very busy, trying to understand all the details.

When we first came across the “CHEFT Bookshelf” we didn’t know where I like it or not. But after not keeping our eyes of this piece of furniture, which is very much a piece of art for us, our interior designers started loving it.

Sometimes interior designers and people in general have set minds in what looks good or bad. Often we only like what we know. Maryam Posti's work is a perfect example of how "new" or "change" can evoke emotions in us, because we are resistant It is quite obvious that her designs aren't common in the swiss design and furniture world. One must have the proper space to accommodate such a unique piece. What we can suggest to everyone reading this article, is to remain welcoming to styles that might not represent us right now, but that sometimes can become a part of our lifestyle... Just give yourself time.

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All our pictures are taken from pinterest