Souvenir, Souvenir!

A very casual and quick post about something most of us enjoy – Traveling!

Recently, the Upscale team had a get together in one of our interior designers' home. We noticed she had a lot of fun and interesting interior decor from around the world. This lead us and our designers to talk about traveling and what we like to take home from our vacation trips and how we do them. 

We all like discovering new places, going to new cities, countries and even continents. We love trying local food and mingling with locals. Don’t we all love incorporating the foreign culture of these places? Especially the hidden treasure ones where not a lot of mass tourism happens?

Don’t go to the closest souvenir shop and buy a mainstream ashtray that says Hollywood on it! Don’t go and buy this weird sculpture of the Eiffel tower that will fall into pieces in a couple of weeks (if it survives the traveling first).

What our design team would recommend you is to go on a discovery hike! Go to a place that might not be the number one tourist hotspot. Instead, wonder around the small streets, go into little stores and chat to people. Maybe you will find your way to a beautiful antique shop that has a lot of ancient treasures. Or maybe, you will end up in a very hip store enjoyed by the trendy local community. Who knows where you will end up, but if you do buy souvenir, don’t get something that is Made in China and way overpriced. Rather buy something real.

 If you get a very nice painting by a local artist or a nice sculpture with an actual story behind, not only will it last for a very long time in your house, it will also give your home an extraordinary touch! You can have a couple of very distinct pieces, categorized as art, that will take your friends and whoever might visit you, their breath away. Simply make sure to place these items at the right spot in your house. This is very important if you want to enjoy the full effect of your Souvenir.

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