Keeping it Organized

Many of us are always in a rush! Well, that is very normal and common since we all have busy lives. But every once in a while we all face the exact same problem – A MESS!

Yes, the mess is back! It can start as a very simple little thing, be it a clothing piece, two dishes in the sink, one pan and so on…. But didn’t we just say we all have busy lives??

DING DONG DING DONG!! Can you hear the alarm bells ringing already?!

So, what can one do to prevent this from happening?

There is a very easy way around it; we develop an ongoing process of tidying up behind us and incorporate a few simple things that will help us managing our space. You don't even need to be an interior designer to make your home comfy and cozy again, just follow our easy steps below.

#1: Throw away

I am sure you have plenty of things that you don’t use anymore. Sort all your older items out, try to sell what there is to sell and otherwise give pre-loved items to goodwill. There are plenty of people you can make happy with your donation.

#2: Establish a System

There needs to be logic behind your cleaning up. Yes, a logic! You can’t just put random tings anywhere, you need to make sure that your chosen storage for your respective items make sense. Put away items that you will use in another season in your addict or anywhere it won’t bother and take them out when the right time has come to swap them out.

#3: Five Minutes

Five minutes is not a lot to ask for and yet so many people wouldn’t dedicate these 300 seconds into their apartment. I think that is sad…. After all, our well-being is also induced of having a nice home. Having a messy house is simply not nice! Make sure you keep 5 minutes in your daily planning after you perform a task such as making a quick breakfast, undressing, getting ready…. Where you clean up after yourself. You will see the difference this will make.

#4: Smart Storage

There are a lot of on-and offline stores that sell storage solutions that will help you keep your stuff organized. Check them and get a few cool storage boxes, spice holders etc. For our readers based in the United States, Upscale advices you to go to the Container Store, simply because they offer a great variety of storage solutions. Here in Switzerland, in the Zurich neighborhood there are many options as well, such as Pfister, Interio and so on.

#5: Miscellaneous Cupboard

Everyone deserves to have a tiny mess somewhere! Be it in a storage box that looks super cool and fancy from the outside, a drawer or in a cupboard somewhere, we all need a random space to throw random things in that don’t belong to any specific section. What our designers recommend; have a drawer in a coffee table or in any other space where you can hide your random treasures. After all, only you would know about this secret spot!

If you have any questions regarding this article, or need some interior design advice, feel free to send us an email

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