Have you ever felt like your place needs some revamping?

Well, you have come to right place! In this article, the Upscale team features five simple tips and tricks on how to give your home a fresh look without having to spend a lot of money.

Start by turning up the music and opening your windows – New Look, New Energy!

#1: Pillows

You might be wondering, what pillows must do with a new look, but it is a very easy thing to change that will give your living room/bedroom a new vibe. Go to the local furniture store or browse online for Decorative Pillow Covers. You can buy a bunch of very different fun looking ones in different colors or even shapes. No need to actually buy new pillows, just the cases. Keep the old ones in a box for storage for when you want to switch around things again. If you can't find anything in a local store, always check out online furniture stores as they often have a wide selection there.

#2: Wall Art

Very fun way to bring some new looks to your space and our designers love them! There are plenty of online and even brick and mortar stores that offer wall stickers. You can pick anything you want, from a bonsai tree in simple black to animals or graphical designs in various colors. What is nice about this kind of art is if you get sick of it, you can simply take it off your wall and no traces of them will remain in your house.

#3: Posters

No, we are not back to our rebellious teenage years where we dream of popstars, athletes and weird destinations. There are plenty of stores, especially antique stores that have vintage posters from vacation destinations in the alps, to movies and singers from the1960’s etc. Even feel good quotes can give a nice touch to your walls. All you need to do is to buy a couple of posters you like, go to a framing store and get them framed (with a great frame!). If you are a hobby photographer, just print out a couple of your favorite pictures with nice contrast and saturation effects and have them mounted. I promise you, your walls will be an eye catcher!

#4: Bowls, Plates & Vases

These three items are things that we find all around in our home. Having a dazzling fruit plate for instance or a very trendy flower vase (with or without real flowers) can have a bigger effect on your home than you would expect. You can find these pieces anywhere, in a random store where you just walk by or online. You can incorporate all sorts of styles with these items, from minimal, modern, romantic or just filled with colors, there is something for all of you out in the market.

#5: Decorative items

Did you see a unique bottle or bottle holder, one amazing lamp or just a fun piece of art for the coffee table? Even just cool decorative books for your shelves with a vintage touch and blankets can do the trick. Just talking from my own décor, One of our designers has added a wooden horse sculpture in their entrance.... unexpected yet beautiful! Our team also suggests big candles for the floor in metallic boxes, plaster sculptures and a big stone (a crystal) all are easy accessories that can look great nearly anywhere. Try it out, you will see, you won’t be disappointed. 

--- Our designers love to mix and match some of their pieces that they bring home every time they travel. Try and do the same with some of your things and be creative. A little bit of Swiss inspiration never hurts and you can always mix swiss interior style with others to make it cosmopolitan. ---

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