5 Ways to get your HOME ready for Holidays

1. Throw a Festive Holiday Party copy.jpg

If you cannot make it out to the swiss ski slopes this winter, bring the cozy warmth of a chalet to your own home by hosting an Après-ski themed. Christmas party. Create a winter wonderland atmosphere with faux fur blankets and decorate your home with vintage skis, wood logs and furry stools.

scandinavian influenced wreaths copy.jpg

Create your own simple leafy wreath to give your holiday decor a modern and polished look. Scandinavian design is all about blending into our natural surroundings. Use branches and leafs around the garden to create a custom organic wreath all your friends will want to have.


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3. Trends Faux Fur.jpg

With home decor feeling more and more great and grand, it is safe to say that interiors luxurious are coming back. People are going back to earthy tones, cozy textures and comfort. Faux fur is not only cozy, it is also welcoming and gives your home the extra warmth needed on a cold snowy night. To achieve the perfect balance, make sure to limit the placement of fur to one or two places. Your home should remain sophisticated rather than appear arctic.

Make sure to place your faux fur somewhere people can touch it. Your guests will feel encouraged to engage with the texture of your interior. Little details like that make all the difference. There is nothing like walking up and gently placing your feet on your warm fur rug and feeling the softness beneath your toes.

4. The Danish way.jpg

In winter it is important to sit back, relax and appreciate the little things in life. The Danes have consistently conquered the top pools as the happiest individuals on earth.  "Hygge" is a concept and a way of living Danes have established in the 18th century. The idea comes alive in the harsh, cold season Scandinavia is best known for. The term can be defined as a feeling or mood more than a specific word. One way to achieve a state of "Hygge" is by using candles and warm, indirect light.

5. Plain Glass Ornaments.jpg

If you happen to have plain empty glass orbs, this DIY tip will help add an extra touch. Fill your orbs with wooden branches, peacock feathers , or a miniature tree in a dust of artificial snow. You can use tweezer to optimally place your elements. Feel free to create a more earthy, organic, simplistic ornament or a more child friendly, lively one.

PHOTO SOURCE: Courtesy of Sainsbury's Home

PHOTO SOURCE: Courtesy of Sainsbury's Home

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