We are excited to welcome Sara to Upscale! 
Although Sara is a Product Design graduate, she has always worked in Interior Design. Her style is inspired by Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern and she likes playing with shades with main focus on textures and materials.



Do you feel more inspired in the city or in the nature?

Both city and nature are inspiring for me. However, there's nothing better than getting away from the city noise and all those daily dynamics, and have a little weekend getaway in the countryside or the beach. It's the best to relax and unwind, to connect to the earth and raw materials, to textures, craftsmanship and tradition.


One small thing which make big difference in the home?

Smart Lighting. The way light can modify a room is unbelievable. Simple table lamps and a statement floor lamp are mandatory for me. You can create corners and ambience in divisions simply by adding a lamp and a warm coloured lightbulb.


Material which always inspires you?

Ceramics and Linen. Ceramics for its versatility; it can look light and organic, or sharp and defined. Regarding Linen... well, when you don't know which textile to choose, always choose linen. The principle is the same as ceramics, it can connect to a rustic and edgy vibe, but also to a sophisticated high-end room.


How important are trends for you?

Trends are important to keep you updated on the latest techniques, materials, and even solutions and ideas that you never though about. I follow some interior and product design on-line magazines and bloggers to help me with just that. Design changes so fast that is mandatory to be inside of the business so don't you become outdated.


Do you incorporate trends in your concept?

I do. However, instead of following a trend religiously, it's better to adapt it to your own style, mix styles, explore all trendy concepts, to make your project exciting and different, but still yours.