Michelle has always loved interior design, so much so that she moved to New York City to attend interior design college in the city to be surrounded and inspired with the diverse styles of restaurants, cafes, shops and homes. Her curiosity to continuously research, find inspiration and furniture, and her attention to detail, creates tailored spaces for those living inside them.



How do you start the design process?

By meeting the client, seeing their space, talking to them, and most importantly really listening to them- I’m more of a listener than a talker. Before that, I like to look for some inspiration online.

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City where you always find inspiration?

My number one is New York. It inspired me to pursue interior design- the restaurants, cafes, museums, houses- it’s an interior design culture. There’s so much inspiration! My others are Copenhagen and Lisbon.

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Do you incorporate trends in your concept?

Somewhat... I like to research a lot. That means blogs, interior websites, or traveling to see design happening locally, visiting shops, etc. I’m not sure it’s necessarily trends, but I feel like because I’m very observant I see a lot of things, then I like it and want to use it- it might not be a trend yet, it might already be... I like to think they aren’t.

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How do you see the role of interior design in the future?

I think interior design is becoming more accessible to everyone, people are becoming more in tune with it- but interior designers will always have that extra foot in to resources that brings something really great to people. They’ve also got the time, most people don’t have the time to organize, source and create something out of their space.