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We are excited to welcome Marta to Upscale!

In my projects I aim for a comfortable, unique and elegant interior. Inspired by the Mediterranean and Scandinavian style. I strive for ergonomic space with daring concepts. Contemporary and classical interior combine with creativity. Attention to the details combines with high-end service and products. Work in many fields which give me flexibility with projects, a wider point of view and accurate understanding of a client's needs and visions. Constantly trying to develop myself as an interior architect. Recently finished the course at Harvard University. Worked with clients from Germany, Mallorca, Malta, Norway, Poland, and United Kingdom.



Which designer would you like to have a coffee with?

I would choose Mies Van der Rohe and Frank Gehry. I admire their geniuses and a different approach to architecture and interiors. Their work had a great influence on my own style, changed my perspective of interior architecture and it reflects in my work. Mies Van der Rohe present simplicity, elegance, well thought out arrangement of the space with considered use of materials. Representative of the most enduring architectural style: modernism. Innovative, complex design, a specific selection of materials, vast creativity, daring concepts, consistent aesthetic presents Frank Ghery. These are values which I endeavour in my projects.


What was the best compliment you have ever heard from the client?

The best compliment I have got from the client was "This is exactly what I was looking for. This is my dream home". After all, this is what every interior architect is aiming for.


Do you feel more inspired in the city or in nature?

I feel more inspired by nature. Carefully observe the world from which all shapes, colors, structures, patterns even technical solution are originated and based from. It is truly wonderful and inspiring. I believe when creating an interior, it is essential to add nature to your home.


How do you start the design process?

I believe each great project begins with a solid, ergonomic plan, based on specific and individual expectations of the client. From there we can start designing space. There is nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own home. Having a perfectly designed plan, even when we feel the need for changes in the future, saves your valuable time and budget. It is much easier to purchase new furniture rather than change the plans of the walls.


City where you always find inspiration?

As I travel frequently, carefully observing the world around me, I couldn't choose a specific city. Nature, people, local culture, customs, and food influence and inspire my designs. However, the place where my interior architecture journey began was Italy. I am in awe and constantly inspire by this place.