We are excited to welcome Koralia to Upscale! 
Koralia’s life has been driven by design from a very young age. She studied architecture in Budapest. She got experience not only in designing several types of buildings such as private, residential or social buildings, but in product design as well. She started to work at one of the market leader architectural companies in Hungary in parallel with her studies. Through her four years of work she had the chance to gain various knowledge in practical architecture. She has always been interested in thinking in a smaller scale and moved to Sweden to study interior and furniture design. Furthermore Koralia established her leather bag brand a few years ago hence her connection to design is out of the box. Her designs were honoured with silver and bronze design awards in Italy earlier this year.



One small thing which makes big difference in the home?

The horizontal furniture and decoration layout are obvious for everybody when they think of interior design. In my opinion including the walls into the design with decoration elements can make a big difference.


How do you start the design process?

The first and most important step is to get really connected with the client and understand their needs and desires. It is essential to find the best furniture layout to get the most out of each space. After the layout we can work out a color scheme and a style together with the client. I think it is very important to include the client into the design process as much as possible.


Where can you help most?

The home is the place where we can calm down and find refuge from the outside world. I can help you create harmony at your dwelling. Harmony not just in the rooms, different spaces and furniture, but between you and the place you live in so you can feel great joy when you think of home.


Material which always inspires you?

Wood. In every color, grain and shape. Even though there are amazing vinyl replicas and veneer finishes to make the wooden touch available on a lower budget too, I still prefer real wood in home décor projects. Natural materials are always a good investment.


What is helping every home?

As an interior designer it is very important to try to bring nature closer to most spaces. Since lot of us work at an office building and usually live in a nice apartment we spend most of our time between four walls. This modern lifestyle is not even close to how evolution designed our bodies. Bringing green into homes have many benefits in addition to the beautiful appearance. Studies have proven that plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost our mood, nonetheless indoor plants freshen up the air and eliminate harmful toxins. Isn’t that amazing?


Which designer would you like to have a coffee with?

I would like to discuss design with Zaha Hadid. Unfortunately there is no chance to meet her in person anymore. Parametric architecture is one of the contemporary styles I truly admire. Her team implements even into the smallest details all that parametric design is about creating incredible interior spaces.