We're hiring top designers - what's in it for you?


Whether you are a recent graduate looking to build your portfolio, an experienced designer working full-time, or a freelancer looking for new and interesting projects, we have an opportunity to match. With Upscale you benefit from the infrastructure and support of working for a large company while keeping the autonomy and independence of working for yourself. We take care of the stuff we know designers hate - finding new business, tracking hours, ordering, invoicing - allowing you to do what you do best. Design beautiful projects.


Tell us more about you and your work

Send us your details and some examples of your interior design work. You can copy a link to your website, digital portfolio or just direct us to your Dropbox, Google Drive or other storage platform.

We will review it and get back to you very soon.

The Upscale Advantage

1. Access to Clients

Gain access to a wide range of clients and projects. We connect you with those best suited to your experience.

2. Marketing Exposure

Benefit from our marketing and social media presence. The Upscale brand is growing and gaining recognition.

3. Time to Design

Focus on what you love – designing. We support tasks such as time-planning, tracking, ordering, invoicing etc.


4. Flexibility & Freedom

5. Extra Income

6. Supplier Network

Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working as a freelancer. We partner with top talent from all around the world.

Earn extra money from home and in your free time. Supplement your income by working even just a few hours a week.

Don't waste time negotiating - we have enviable discounts from the regions top suppliers to pass onto you.


I love the young and enthusiastic drive that Upscale’s team has. It is exciting to work in the Interior Design platform which is not traditional, and always thinks about bringing innovations and making the best service possible..”

— Marine, 2017


I always spent so much time running after my clients regarding payments or because they could not make any decisions or I was on the lookout for new projects. Now Upscale is dealing with all these processes within my project and I have finally more time to do what I love the most - to develop new design concepts.

— Olivia, Zürich 2017



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